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The Only Solution For Content Negotiation For IIS Servers

Serve Up Right & Relevant Pages to your Visitors


Transparent Content Delivery

Our PageXchanger content negotiation IIS module transparently delivers the best variant of the same resource to requesting browsers, thus making your site always relevant and usable to your visitors. Different languages, file types, content encodings, and character sets can be automatically delivered to different browsers based on preferences you set.

XHTML Compatibility

Content negotiation is the preferred method for serving XHTML in the most standards-compliant manner possible, while maintaining full support for downscale browsers.

Language Negotiation

Deliver the same page in multiple languages, with content served up appropriately based on the user's default language settings in their OS or Web browser.

For example you could simply set the URL as /myfile.htm, then create separate language files (i.e. /myfile-fr.htm for French, and so on), set your language list in the Language Negotiation tab, and the content negotiation between the server and the client's preferences ensure that the reader receives the page in the correct language.

Format Negotiation

  • Standards-Compliant XHTML -- XHTML, client-side XML and other advanced technologies alongside existing content safely and easily without implementing complex browser detection or rewriting the entire site.
  • Present multiple forms of images or other data (i.e .gif vs .png)

Easy Technology Migration

Migrate from one technology to another, say from ColdFusion to ASP.NET, faster, more reliably, and with complete transparency to end users.

Support and Upgrades


What PageXchanger Does:


Serve Correct Versions of your Web page

PageXchanger serves correct versions of your pages to users with different language preferences and takes into account the settings in the users' browsers. Also, prioritizes which language to serve when user has more than one set.

Language Override Cookie

PageXchanger utilizes a Language Override Cookie to optionally allow users choose their own language via their OS.

Smart Content Negotiation

PageXchanger delivers image and resource files in the optimal format for each users' browser and maintains backwards compatibility for browsers.

XHTML Compatibility

PageXchanger serves XHTML in the most standards-compliant manner possible.

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Completely Safe and Transparent

PageXchanger works with any Web browser and provides persistent URLs, avoiding redirects or broken links.

ISAPI Compatibility

Implemented as super-fast ISAPI filter.

Ease of Use

Simple to install/uninstall with an enhanced GUI interface for easy configuration.

System Requirements

  • IIS 6.0 / Windows Server 2003 (all x86-32 Bit versions)
  • IIS 5.1 / Windows XP (not recommended for production use)
  • IIS 5 / Windows 2000
  • IIS 4 / Windows NT

IIS 7 / Windows Server 2008 not yet supported (sign up for the IIS 7 Beta Alert)

64 Bit not yet supported (sign up for the x86-64 Bit Beta Alert)

Port80 Software stands behind our products 100%. Given the nature of Web server utilities, various environments and third party applications may cause new and unforeseen conflicts. Therefore, Port80 pledges to work with you to ensure our products run in all testing and production environments - if you work with us, we will work with you to make your IIS Web server safer, faster and friendlier.