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Turn dead links, 404s and other site errors into good traffic (& set up IIS error pages easily)

CustomError 3.0 for IIS 4/5/6

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When errors occur on a Web site or application, they should be handled smoothly to get the user back on track. Some user experience experts estimated that 90% of users who get a standard or uncustomized error on a site will abandon that site (bad for e-commerce and any business app). Unfortunately, setting up customized error pages usually requires something many Web developers and site managers lack -- access to and familiarity with the IIS Web server's administrative interface. With CustomError, developers add their own error pages (or error images!), coded by hand or created in their favorite editor, by simply uploading them to a designated directory on their IIS Web server. No administrator intervention is required. Customizing error pages becomes a normal part of site design and development -- providing a more integrated user experience and enhancing security by masking Web server-specific default error messages, an important part of defense-in-depth.

CustomError also helps with link management and search engine optimization (SEO)! Dead, inbound links are becoming a bigger issue as Web sites and apps change, blogs point to content and then the links change, and search engine marketing increases. Take advantage of wasted traffic by redirecting your dead links to new content and saving your SEO ranking work with CustomError. Any developer can code a specific redirect, but do you know where all the redirects on your site are? Do you know where they go? CustomError's centralized 404 redirection rules file makes managing redirected links a breeze.

Hosting vendors and others who administer multi-homed or shared hosting environments no longer have to allow their clients access to IIS or worry about configuring multiple sets of error pages themselves. Increase hosting revenue, offer a new value-added, competitive service (sans the admin headaches), and deliver custom errors automatically to shared hosting clients that want them!

CustomError takes the mystery out of deploying custom error pages and redirects for developers, SEO experts, and site managers while the software frees up administrators and hosting vendors to handle higher level tasks. Ultimately, CustomError provides Web site and application end-users with a better, safer, more lucrative Web browsing experience. Try CustomError today!


  • Empower Web developers to deploy custom error pages on their sites, enhancing security and user experience
  • Transform dead, broken links into good traffic with 404 redirection management that is easy to manage
  • Offload error page mapping and broken link redirection chores (usually handled by administrators) to developers or Web site managers
  • Works with virtual servers so hosting vendors can offer custom errors to their clients without administrative or security hassles
  • Works seamlessly with error handling mechanisms in ASP, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion


  • Quickly set up static custom error pages (HTML, etc.) on IIS sites globally for all widely encountered HTTP/HTTPS error types (404, 500, etc.)
  • Set up dynamic custom 404 error pages for interactive responses with search or another desired features (ASP, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion only)
  • Customizable default "error" directory in each site holds error pages and files (handles multiple sites/virtual servers)
  • Image (GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs, etc.) 404 responses can be customized as well based on specific URL paths or file extensions
  • Configuration wizard, designed for hosting vendors, provides control over which sites/virtual servers use CustomError before deployment
  • Redirection Rules file (in text format) manages temporary or permanent HTTP redirection for 404 requests to new URLs (smart options: redirect URLs can append path, variable, and original referrer data as well)
  • Detailed logging exposes error types, frequency, client IPs generating errors, and more
  • Includes an HTML error page template for 404s (developers must create error files for different response codes like 500 and other HTTP errors)
  • Default settings, especially for hosting providers: Set CustomError defaults automatically for new Web sites
  • No IIS/MMC access required after install to manage error pages or 404 redirection
  • Settings Manager GUI interface accessible via the Start menu for administration and default settings (along with separate Log File Viewer and Settings Wizard interfaces)
  • Small memory footprint (229KB for an ISAPI filter)
  • Implemented as super fast ISAPI filter
  • Simple to install/uninstall

System Requirements

  • IIS 6.0 / Windows Server 2003 (all x86-32 Bit versions; sign up for the x86-64 Bit Beta Alert)
  • IIS 5.1 / Windows XP (not recommended for production use)
  • IIS 5 / Windows 2000
  • IIS 4 / Windows NT
  • Note: IIS 7 / Windows Server 2008 not yet supported (sign up for the IIS 7 Beta Alert)

Port80 Software stands behind our products 100%. Given the nature of Web server utilities, various environments and third party applications may cause new and unforeseen conflicts. Therefore, Port80 pledges to work with you to ensure our products run in all testing and production environments - if you work with us, we will work with you to make your IIS Web server safer, faster and friendlier.